Hearing Colors and Seeing Sounds

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i was funny once but it was an accident

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"Being raised in an unstable household makes you understand that the world doesn’t exist to accommodate you, which… is something a lot of people struggle to understand well into their adulthood. It makes you realize how quickly a situation can shift, how danger really is everywhere. But crises when they occur, do not catch you off guard; you have never believed you lived under a shelter of some essential benevolence. And an unstable childhood makes you appreciate calmness and not crave excitement."

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I’ve never met Chris Pratt but I trust him

Amen to this honestly 

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Appreciating and celebrating 9 years of friendship with an impromptu drive to St. Augustine to dance with the band that brought us together. I love me some Amanda Jane😽 ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ #panicatthedisco #patd (at St. Augustine Amphitheatre)
Nine years ago almost to the day I was walking around discovery middle school’s gymnasium singing a song from Panic at the Disco’s first album they had just released at the time when a girl I’d  seen but never met before walked up next to me and started singing along. From that day on we were pretty much inseparable and have since shared and done everything together. Tonight, seven grades and two years of college later, four Panic! At the Disco albums later, some heartaches, some hard times, lots of love and lots and lots of laughs and Keeping Up With the Kardashians episodes later we came full circle and sang our hearts out together at The Gospel Tour in a spontaneous trip to St. Augustine. Thanks Biorna for always letting me be myself and being my most precious little Albanian always and forever. 💕 (at St Augustine Ampitheater)


this has got to be one of my favorite pictures ever, I should have it framed